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Finding Peace in Chaos

  • Are you under a lot of pressures at work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed for having so much to do? Are you anxious or worried?
  • Do you lose your edge a bit? Not feeling quite as focused, passionate, energetic, and patient anymore?
  • Are your health and relationship affected as a result?
  • Or perhaps you are successful and you have almost everything and yet somehow somewhere in your heart of heart you feel something missing or lonely or discontent.

If that sounds familiar to you, then you would benefit from Heart-Mindfulness™ training. You will:

  • Feel grounded and resilient to deal with the challenges effectively with clarity, calmness and wisdom
  • Dispel your fear or anxiety and have peace of mind.
  • Become more aware, alert and focused so you are more productive and creative.
  • Bring harmony to your relationships with effective communication skills
  • Feel more alive, fulfilled and satisfied.

Rapid Change for
Heart-Centered Women

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“A weekend retreat with Lotus was a life-changing experience. I have connected so deeply with her mindfulness teaching that it has given me the confidence and spirit to incorporate it into my daily life.” ~ Barbara Earl


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Praise for Lotus Nguyen, Mindfulness Teacher, Mentor & Coach Praise for Lotus Nguyen, Mindfulness Teacher, Mentor & Coach